Lodgings with glamping concept with excellent and modern facilities.


Glamping or Glamorous Camping can seemingly be one of the choices to do a short break with family. If you consider this, take it easy because now plenty of lodgings serve this concept with excellent and modern facilities. No need to go far away; our country has many beautiful landscapes to enjoy the glamping. 

So, here we go, the six best choices to do glamping in Bandung. Still, please ensure that you follow health protocol during the covid-19 pandemic. 

Legok Kondang

Located in Ciwidey, Bandung, West Java, this place is the most fantastic place to heal and recharge. Can't seem to let go of technology during your au naturel vacation? This place is complete with cable TV! So it's like staying in an excellent hotel shaped like a tent. 

But who wants to watch TV when there are so many other fun things to do? Here, you can go trekking, strawberry picking, rafting or take a moment to drift away from the site to visit the nearby volcanic crater known as Kawah Putih.

Trizara Resorts Glamping

This is the ultimate place for luxury camping and becoming one with nature without discomfort. This site offers a camping experience without having to “rough it out”, as the resort's web describes. This is truly a place where you can camp in glamour. 

The resort offers many activities to do during your stays, such as morning yoga, classic bonfires, evening barbecues, outbound games for groups, board games, Zumba, boxing, and many others. But, be warned; there is no TV available in the rooms, so you will be forced to bond with whoever you come to this resort. 

Is there any better way to bond with your loved ones? Hungry? Call their restaurant for a delivery service to your camp. 

Grafika Cikole

Also located in Lembang, Urban Camp Grafika Cikole is suitable for family gathering events. Already well-known and frequently visited by local and foreign tourists, you can rent an ATV vehicle to go around enjoying the fresh air. 

Lakeside Glamping Rancabali

Catching the best sunset view while enjoying the cold temperature in front of the lakeside, this place gives everything you want. Riding in the morning is also worth trying to refresh your mind and soul.

Maribaya Glamping Tent

You will get free access to Maribaya Resort and their VIP Pool Natural Hot Spring. When night comes, celebrate your freedom by having a barbeque with your friends. Each tent is equipped with two foam mattresses, a trip-protected power supply, internal light, a power socket, and a cooling fan to ensure a good night's sleep and a pleasant stay. 

This site also has many exciting things to do during your stays, such as trekking through the forest, camping, flying foxes, and other fun-tastic activities. Another good point, Curug Cikawari is very accessible and easy to reach for children and adults. 

Dusun Bambu

Aspiring to be the #1 eco-tourism spot in West Java, Dusun Bambu is the perfect place for those who desire to become one with nature but in style. The eco-park that synchronizes traditional culture and modern sustainable living is a vast green spread of shady trees, refreshing lakes, and grass fields. 

This is an eco-tourism complex that includes a luxury camping ground that is perfect for families or groups aching for a luxury adventure in nature. Want to fancy yourself a bird? Try dining in one of Dusun Bambu's iconic Lutung Kasarung bird cages that seem to float in the air. This unique way of dining will not only be an unforgettable experience, but a perfect moment to post selfies on your social media.

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