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Oyster is the common name for several different families of salt-water bivalve mollusks. The mollusks often come with a surprise. Although it is no longer as often as it was, diners would sometimes find pearls when they eat them.

It especially thrives in areas where salt water and fresh water meet — estuaries, salt marshes fed by rivers and streams, coastal waters. However, since those are the same area that humans often choose to settle, plus the fact that oysters are filter feeders that naturally concentrate anything present in the surrounding water which can also contain high bacterial loads of human pathogens in the warm months, a process called reputation is necessary to keep it safe for human consumption. 

Oyster depuration begins after the harvest of oysters when they are placed into tanks pumped with clean, sterilized water for 48 to 72 hours. The process has been proven to remove moderate levels of contamination of most bacterial indicators and pathogens. After all, the pinnacle of oyster cuisine is the raw, living oyster with a slight splash of citrus.

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Some say it tastes rubbery and weird, but if you're getting the fresh oysters, you'll taste "the sea". Oysters are supposed to be silky smooth with a strong taste of minerals, just like seaweed. It's not supposed to be tough and smelly. It can be fishy, yes, but the citrus will help to improve the experience — it would taste like any other sashimi. However, if you want to try other types of acidic condiments, you can also try it with Oyster Dealer's signature nam-jim sauce. 

The cafe is a supplier of oysters that offers five-star quality products at a more affordable price. The low price comes from the fact that the cafe utilizes authentic Indonesian high-quality oyster shells. You can taste the sensation of salty, sweet, savory, and sour in one bite.

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The shucking revelation
Founded by Andika Biantara, the cafe is lurking at the bays of The Cove Batavia PIK. This is a new concept, part of the lifestyle group 3000 Group, which is now based in Kemang.

The idea to start an Oyster Dealer came when Andika began to pay more attention to local oysters. According to the chef, oysters are mostly familiar to Indonesians, but they were not inclusive enough. Therefore, with Oyster Dealer, he wanted to change the exclusive culture attached to oysters and make it more accessible to the public.

Aiming to popularize local oysters, the establishment sources high-quality oysters directly from Lampung and Bali. Since oysters are a simple menu, if the quality is good, the kitchen staff are not required to add too many things when eating it.

Known as seafood that is rich in taste, in one sip (or shuck), diners can get a taste of sweet, salty, and savory — the best summary of the wealth contained in the sea and land of Indonesia.

On the sauce side of things — as we discussed above — Andika and his team formulated the restaurant's signature nam-jim sauce to take that taste to the next level. The combination of sweet and sour taste with spicy elements is the perfect condiment for fresh oysters. For those who eat oysters for the first time, or are unfamiliar with food with a fishy taste, this sauce balances and neutralizes those flavors that are sure to be found when one puts oysters inside their mouth for the first time.

In addition to sauces, they provide additional tips for enjoying oysters. Diners are encouraged to try pairing the oysters with drinks that are light and have a crunchy or sweet taste, such as gin, champagne, sparkling wine, sake, and cocktails.

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