Experience the authentic Bali cuisine through these new adventures, from ocean-to-table fishing tours to private riverside picnics.


Bali's lush wilderness and dramatic coastline have never looked so appealing, and nature's high call has inspired a new culinary adventure led by Four Seasons Resorts Bali's chefs.

Four Seasons will take you deeper into nature and authentic Balinese cuisines, from ocean-to-table fishing tours in Jimbaran Bay to private riverside picnics in the Sayan Valley.

Both are equally amazing experiences. It conveniently takes place in and around each resort area, giving you a fantastic location with minimal travel time to discover Bali’s different landscapes.

"Experiences that build a lasting relationship with the destination, and the Balinese people who are always at the core of everything we do," said Uday Rao, General Manager of Four Seasons Resorts Bali.

"Many of our guests have such fond memories that they contacted me to ask when international borders would open, eager to return as soon as possible,” he added.

Their two resorts in Jimbaran and Sayan have always been open until now. They have launched various new experiences and amenities, such as a new Healing Village Spa, a bartender workshop in Telu, an expanded wellness program, and a new culinary tour guided by chefs.


Picnic Adventure at Sayan

Picnic Adventure at Sayan
Picnic Adventure at Sayan, Photo by Four Seasons Resorts Bali


Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan could be your riverside sanctuary in Bali’s cultural heart. Cross into a different universe by floating over the treetops on a spectacular suspension bridge.

Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan is the only Bali hotel on the Condé Nast Gold List for 2020. It will bring you closer to the heart and spirit of Bali with locally-inspired experiences and rice bowl-shaped buildings set against the gorgeous Ayung River Valley.

In a peaceful setting accessible only by foot and exclusive to Four Seasons guests, you can take in the vitality and beautiful landscape of the Sayan Valley.

A 20-minute stroll on footpaths will take you past rivers, rice fields, and sacred sites, where you can join Chef Joni in making gifts to the gods, as is typical in Bali before a meal.

Chef Joni, who also runs the resort's Balinese Chef's Table dinners and culinary lessons, will set up a 'camp kitchen' for live cooking. The camp will include freshly grilled squid and satay, as well as salads cooked with herbs and garden vegetables.

You could also find grilled rice covered in banana leaves and a cool ice cream dessert. It is a delectable and unique experience in the midst of nature.


Ocean-to-Table Fishing Adventure at Jimbaran Bay

Bali Cuisine
Bali Cuisine, Photo by Four Seasons Resorts Bali


While in Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay, embrace Bali's enchanting energy and compassionate demeanor. Their airy villas channel an authentic Balinese town, nestled in a tranquil bay along three miles of sand. You’ll understand the island's magnificent scenery and inimitable culture through amazing views and authentic arts offerings.

The new experience offers the thrill of eating fish you have caught yourself. You could also explore Jimbaran, a historic fishing village in Bali, and enjoy an Ocean-to-Table adventure to experience life as a fisherman.

You’ll sail through the peaceful waters of Jimbaran Bay through the magnificent cliffs and surf waves of the Uluwatu peninsula. Then departing from Four Seasons beach at daybreak on the resort's traditional jukung-style fishing boat.

Before lowering the line with local fishermen who will function as live GPS to discover the catch of the day, a small breakfast will be given in the open water.

After that, the boat will dock in Jimbaran village, where you will meet Chef Surya for a tour of the Jimbaran Fish Market before returning to the resort for a cooking class at the Jala Cooking Academy.

You'll learn about the unique flavors and techniques of Jimbaran's famed seafood dishes, including the signature coconut skin barbeque, and eat it as a light lunch to round up your half-day fishing trip.

Head Chef Kristya Yudha of Jala has become renowned for his entertaining, informative, and delicious cooking workshops. Discover hidden local cooking techniques and some of Kris' family recipes while learning hands-on in a state-of-the-art facility. Other regional Indonesian cuisines, such as Sumatran, Javanese, and Sulawesi, are also offered.

“I couldn’t be prouder of our passionate team of loyal staff as they continue to innovate with these latest experiences. Beyond luxury accommodations and five-star facilities, it is our people who remain our biggest asset, and we are more than ready to welcome back guests when the time is right,” closed Uday Rao.

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