The latest runner zombie series tops the chart, delivering cliffhanger moments that fit the description by one of its characters: "It's 'Train to Busan'."


Netflix has delivered yet another Korean zombie sensation, "All of Us Are Dead". Building on global hits like "Squid Game", the streaming service's affinity to K-drama series has started to show a profit after ranking first worldwide on Netflix a few days after its debut on January 28.

Netflix has previously expressed its increased interest in Korean content. The platform revealed that it invested $700 million (Rp 10.03 billion) to produce more from the country. The investment led to the premiere of other global sensations from Korea, such as "Hellbound", "The Silent Sea", and, most recently, "Single's Inferno", just to name a few.

The series feature "Mothers"' Yoon Chan-young, "Black Light"'s Park Ji-hoo, "Hospital Playlist"'s Cho Yi-hyun, "Sweet Revenge"'s Park Solomon, "Love Alarm"'s Yoo In-soo, and "Squid Game"'s Lee Yoo-Mi. It took the show only a day to reach the top spot in the world's top 10 programs.

Based on a popular webtoon
Based on a popular webtoon "Now at Our School" by Joo Dong-geun, the 12-episode title follows a group of students trapped in school as a zombie apocalypse breaks out directly from its science lab. The virus was born after their science teacher experimented with a mental strength-enhancing drug on his son, who was severely bullied at school.

Its teaser reveals a banter between survivors, mentioning another global zombie hit from South Korea. "Zombies should be in movies, not at our school", "It's Train to Busan", some students say. Some tried to analyze the creatures, saying: "The infected human feels extreme fear. Then they attack only to survive."

The South Korean Netflix Original zombie-horror series was adapted from the webtoon by scriptwriter Chun Sung-il and was directed by Lee Jae Gyoo, known for his work on Trap, King2Hearts, and Intimate Strangers. The production company behind the hit series was Kim Jong-hak Production and Film Monster.

Season 2, please?
After Kingdom and Happiness, the first season of "All of Us Are Dead" provides a perfect introduction to another terrifying and gore-filled festival of horror. It has its own edge to the genre and a lot of cutesy moments, prompting Indonesian netizens to curse on social media, "What does a single and unpopular person like me do when the zombie apocalypse arrives?"

However, the question is, will the series be returning for a second season at Netflix? It's still too early to say, but there are several factors that we might need to consider. Without spoiling all the good stuff, it's necessary to note that the series finale is pretty much conclusive, although there are several plot chances for some spinoff.

Nevertheless, with the current hype, it is not entirely impossible that Netflix would want to cash in more and announce a renewal anytime soon.


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