The house welcomed I.K.Y.K, ALEX[A]LEXA, Rama Dauhan Studio, and Danjyo Hiyoji.


Happy-go-Lucky House or HGL House is one of the pioneers of shop outlets with a home-style concept in Indonesia. Founded in 2008 by Annisa Hudaya, it is located on Jl. Ciliwung No. 14, Bandung

HGL House offers a variety of unique and exclusive fashion style products. The products sold in the store are limited, so that they provide added value to consumers. The retailer recently collaborated with four big fashion brands to top the year with style.

I.K.Y.K's BandungxJakarta inspired collection for HGL

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Established in 2011 in Jakarta, I Know You Know, or I.K.Y.K, was manifested from Anandia Marina Putri Harahap's ideas. Creating her identity close to the heart with curious cuttings and silhouettes as her signature, the designer aims to placate comfort that one could immediately sense just from a simple inquisitive touch.

For this collaboration, Putri took inspiration from the cities of Jakarta and Bandung. The minimalist, structured silhouette and neutral colors — depicting the urban atmosphere of the city of Jakarta — were combined with loose cuts and flowy pleated accents in a fresh, cheerful floral motif representing the Flower City.

This collection of clashing colors and motifs that play on various textures, including the trending pleats material, was debuted at Jakarta Fashion Week 2022 with Alika Islamadina, Vira Tandia, and Cissylia Stefani as muse.


ALEX[A]LEXA's Ideas of Utopia for HGL

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Collaborating with her husband, Sandy Soeriaatmadja, Monique Natalia created the fashion label ALEX[A]LEXA in 2011, focusing on daily streetwear with sports elements to produce various clothing collections, which offer classic shapes and beautiful fabrics for those who are looking for comfortable and chic options.

In its latest collection titled "Ideas of Utopia", Monique took inspiration from the seemingly unending lockdowns and home quarantines. Her desire to escape to an idyllic utopian world filled with picnics, candies, and wildflowers. Bright colors such as lime green, bubble gum pink, and sky blue dominate the collection, reminiscent of the color of grass, flowers, and the blue sky.

The gingham print was featured prominently across the collection, inspired by picnic rugs. The classic print is also given a new look by distorting the lines and juxtaposing the interlacing squares with images of poppies on pleated fabrics. The designer also added ruching details with a unique top and dress cut from candy pink striped satin to create puffy, soft, marshmallow-like shapes on the body. 


Rama Dauhan Studio's Kilam for HGL

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Rama Dauhan is known for his quirkiness in craftsmanship that screams both deconstructive yet feminine. Drapery is one of his strong characteristics, and he often experiments with unusual materials while keeping a humble overall look.

After many years of watching HGL's work, the designer said that he was thrilled to finally get the chance to work together.

Its "Kilam" collection was about all white but with a twist. The use of a variety of floral patterned woven fabrics to rattan to enhance its ivory base, various kinds of cotton, to unexpected details enrich this collection. Despite its unique texture and voluminous silhouettes, the ready-to-wear is still suitable for casual or formal occasions.


Danjyo Hiyoji went all the way for "Halfway" for HGL

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Danjyo Hiyoji is the work of PT Danjyo Cipta Rega Pratama, founded by Dana Maulana and Liza Masitha. Officially released in 2009, this label provides clothing for both men and women that are comfortable and easy to wear yet still unique.

Danjyo Hiyoji created seventeen looks for its collaboration with HGL House. Revolving on versatility and adaptability, shown by the combination of mixed silhouettes, the collection was titled "Halfway". Bold blazers and buoyant shirts, half-folded origami attributes represent both tailored structure and athletic flow.

The designer, again, collaborated with Bunga Yuridespita to further accentuate the collection that is inspired by current events. The artist explored subdued hues hand-to-hand with traces of vibrancy to translate the phrase "Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining" with a fraction of her own daily experiences and personal space. The patchy pattern is meant to be pavement lines seen from an aerial point of view.


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