Indonesia team won the men's and women's group categories.


The Indonesian equestrian archery team won a dazzling achievement in the International Horseback Archery Circular Track Championship 2021 in Ankara, Turkey, on August 13-15.

The competition attended by 37 participants from 10 equestrian archery clubs from Turkey, Denmark, and Indonesia, featured three-track institutions for the male and female categories, namely Cember Parkuru (circle track), Turan Parkuru (track with long-range targets), and Sur Parkuru (fort track).


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According to a press release from the Indonesian Embassy in Ankara received in Jakarta, Tuesday (17/8), from those three categories, Indonesia, which is represented by the Indonesian Equestrian Archery Association (KPBI), won the men's and women's group categories.

Najib Hardika won the men's category with 257 points, while the women's group was achieved by Arum Nazlus Shiobah with 247 points. Thus, the Indonesian team won all categories and beat Danish Team as the defending champion last year.

The Indonesian Ambassador for Turkey, Lalu Muhammad Iqbal, and the staffs of the Indonesian Embassy in Ankara were also present to give full supports to the Indonesian team.

"Congratulations to KPBI for representing Indonesia and being a champion of all male and female categories, so the national anthem Indonesia Raya is echoed in Turkey," said the ambassador. This proud achievement also became ‘a lovely present’ for our country, which just celebrated the 76th Independence Day a few days ago.

Meet our champions

First, Arum Nazlus Shobah (13) became a champion of all women's group categories. Arum even succeeded in becoming a champion from the adult category.

Arum is an equestrian archery athlete from the Indonesian Equestrian Archery Association (KPBI). She represented Indonesia in the tournament with four male equestrian archers, who also achieved the best results. The men's team consisted of Kharisma Zaky, Najib Hardika, Bambang Minarno, and Bagas Satria Prabowo.


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Actually, Russia, Ukraine, Iran, and Malaysia were also scheduled to send their athletes to this tournament. However, three days before their match, the schedule was postponed. The four countries canceled their participation due to Covid-19 regulations in their respective countries.

Arum Nazlus Shobah won all three tracks’ categories, and consistently, she got the first rank. Following the success of Arum, the men's team also won the three tracks’ categories. 

Najib Hardika from Indonesia successfully won all categories of the men’s group, and Kharisma Zaky was ranked second with a narrow margin of 2 points. At the same time, the third position was occupied by Bunyamin Basal from Denmark. Meanwhile, Bagas Satria Prabowo was in fifth.

Two other Indonesian representatives, Bambang Minarno and Bagas Satria, won second place in the Sur Track with the same number of points.

The achievements of these five Indonesian representatives received many compliments from other participants who expressed their respect for the Indonesian team's horse archery techniques. The head of the tournament organizer, Ali Fuat Kurtulus, who is also a president of the Performance Organization Horseback Archery Academy, expressed his admiration for the Indonesian team's ability.

"We saw that the Indonesian team performed perfectly and almost made no mistakes in every track system. They really deserve to be champions for all categories," he said.

Well, congratulations, Indonesia Team!