Empowering Women: Jobstreet by SEEK Leading the Path Towards Gender Equality in Indonesia's Workforce


Finding the right job and having opportunities for career growth are dreams for many women in Indonesia. Jobstreet by SEEK offers more than just job opportunities by implementing Fair Hiring practices, where employers on the platform prioritize equal employment opportunities for all individuals, especially concerning gender.

Here are four reasons why Jobstreet by SEEK is the right choice for women seeking employment that prioritizes equality:

1. Fair Hiring System

In recent years, the global workforce has seen a transformation with more competent women filling positions across various industries. Jobstreet by SEEK ensures a fair recruitment process without discrimination through its Fair Hiring system. With assessments based on qualifications and experience, every woman has an equal chance to pursue their dream career.

The extensive and diversified job database also ensures career opportunities that match women's interests and skills, spanning across 8 countries in the Asia Pacific region, including Australia and New Zealand. The platform also enables women to apply for jobs easily, accurately, and quickly.

2. Empowering Women

Jobstreet by SEEK not only provides a platform for job hunting but also offers various programs and resources to help women develop their careers. Through the Jobstreet by SEEK app on mobile phones, the CareerMine feature provides a series of short videos offering training and seminar classes to enhance career skills. Additionally, CareerMine provides a professional community for discussions and obtaining necessary information for job hunting and career development.

Sawitri, Country Marketing Manager, Indonesia, at Jobstreet by SEEK, stated, "We believe that every woman has great potential to excel and become a leader. The Jobstreet by SEEK platform is equipped with programs for upskilling and reskilling available for free called CareerMine, and we encourage women to continually enhance their capacities. Furthermore, our platform is also powered by AI technology, allowing Jobstreet to provide job opportunities that better match the interests and skills sought by job seekers, bridging the gap between companies and female job seekers across Indonesia."

3. Female Leadership at Jobstreet by SEEK: Inspiring Equality

Leadership at Jobstreet by SEEK sets a real example that gender equality can be achieved within companies at the highest level. With a 50:50 ratio of female to male leaders, Jobstreet by SEEK in Indonesia proves that women have equal opportunities to hold leadership positions in business.

"My mission is to create a fair work environment and empower women to achieve their full potential. Equal job opportunities can happen by creating an inclusive work environment, including for leadership and management positions," said Ethika Santi, Head of Inside Sales, Indonesia, at Jobstreet by SEEK. This commitment to gender equality not only reflects the company's values but also sets standards for fostering diverse and inclusive work environments across various industries.

4. Fair and Inclusive Recruitment Platform Ecosystem

With these various initiatives, Jobstreet by SEEK demonstrates its commitment to creating a fair and inclusive ecosystem for Indonesian women through non-discriminatory recruitment practices to find the best candidates regardless of gender. This aligns with the spirit of Kartini Day: 'One Million Dreams for One Million Women,' which aims to advance Indonesian women, so that the dreams of every woman in Indonesia can be realized.

"Build the ladder of success with the belief that equality is a strong foundation for growth and innovation. At Jobstreet by SEEK, we are committed to empowering every individual, including women, to pursue their dream careers. Let's together build a future where opportunities are recognized as rights for all," concluded Fransisca Liliana, Head of Finance, Indonesia, at Jobstreet by SEEK.

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