Getting that classy and stylish look at the same time


'A woman's handbag carries her entire world' is a real notion, as it reflects on Kate Spade New York 2021 Spring Collection. Called 'Knott,' a classic silhouette with knot detail is perfect to accompany active women in their routines. 

Knott became a rising star in the collection by using pebbled leather material and ribbon details on right-left sides to make sweet and charming impressions. Not only a stylish bag, but Knott is also very functional as it has pockets inside the bag to support when you are in a rush. Whatever your style and character are, Knott is perfect for you because it provides a variety of bold and classic colors. 

It's no surprise that our celebrities with different styles look stunning with this classy bag. Steal the look!


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A post shared by Rossa (@itsrossa910)

This look means business! The diva looks gorgeous and ready to conquer the world with formal black trousers and polka dots blouse. To steal attention, Rossa wears tamarillo Knott for formal occasions. It's very large to carry a big purse, Iphone 12 Pro Max, and Ipad. 

Haico Van Der Veken

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Same as Rossa's type of bag, a multi-talented actress, Haico Van Der Veken mix and matches Knott Medium Satchel with an edgy top just like her character. 

Mawar Eva

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Another different look with Knott! If you are feminine like Mawar Eva, you can refer to Mawar Eva's style, which is very smart to combine Knott Mini Satchel with dress and sneakers. Feel free to move!

Brisia Jodie

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The young singer manners like her age. Baggy jeans, turtleneck, and sweeter with Knott Mini Satchel give her fun and fresh vibes instantly. 

Hesti Purwadinata

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A post shared by Hesti Purwadinata (@hestipurwadinata)

Hesti Purwadinata looks different with a blue-sky monochrome look. A blazer and cigarette pants that often look formal can change in a second with Knott Large Satchel with the same color. 

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