People really looking to go outdoor after being trapped during lockdowns. And their behavior really changes a lot, from increasing sales in the industry to trending fashion wear.


Trapped in your house for months during the lockdown really could wear you down. Since governments everywhere gradually loosened the restrictions, people are really excited to go back outside.

According to the 2021 Outdoor Participation Trends Report, in 2020, 53 percent of Americans ages 6 and over participated in outdoor recreation at least once. It is the highest participation rate on record. Surprisingly, 7.1 million more Americans engaged in outdoor recreation in 2020 than the previous year.

The desire to explore nature has grown since 2020, and the excitement has grown bigger ever since. The 2020 US survey by CGPR showed that 82 percent of those new to the outdoors planning to continue venturing out in the future. The outdoor boom continues as consumers look for ways to support their physical and emotional wellbeing while still socializing safely.


Outdoor individual sports

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To keep going outside while still keeping a safe distance from one another, individual sports are more popular than ever. Hiking, cycling, running, trail running, climbing, bouldering, you name it. Everything you can do outdoors, alone, and in small groups are very popular right now.

Due to a lack of indoor sports opportunities, many people moved to outdoor activities last year and will do so again this year. People are eager to put money into themselves and their health.

Including sports that can easily take place on your doorstep. People really want to do something outside their houses, but still want to keep themselves as safe as possible. People tend to find local outdoor destinations. They don’t plan holidays and trips anymore because they don’t know if they can travel. 

The same can be said for the bicycle market. In fiscal 2020, the German Internet Stores Group alone sent 250,000 bikes through online stores more than ever before. The demand for cycling gear isn't going away, even though bike sales set new records last year. Some brands have increased their bikewear offers.

NPD, a company that tracks retail sales, presented a detailed study on various categories in the active outdoor market at the recent Outdoor Retailer trade exhibition in Denver. Many product categories have shockingly high figures that are nearly never seen.

For example, sales of kayaks increased by over 30 percent in the year ending May 2021, camping tents by nearly 50 percent, sleeping bags by 28 percent, and the list of product categories with explosive sales continues on and on. Product sales do not generally increase by this much, but the pandemic has dramatically affected people's attitudes toward the outdoors.

The same thing is happening in Indonesia. Arei Outdoor Gear, an Indonesian outdoor activity brand, reported an increase in sales. From January 2021 until June 2021, Arei Outdoor Gear recorded an increase in 25-30 percent sales. The popular items are shoes, tents, jackets, and carriers.


The outdoor brands and retailers strategies


According to the report by WGSN, brands and retailers have changed to keep up with increased demand for attire, footwear, and accessories ideal for exploring nature as customers rediscovered the great outdoors during the lockdown in 2020. They want to explore nature but still want to look good doing it. So brands are focusing on elevating outdoor styles.

As a result, the outdoor market is seeing a renaissance, with functional but outmoded performancewear giving way to trendy performancewear that follows streetwear and fashion trends.

One of the trends is Gorpcore. It is a phrase originally coined by a 2017 The Cut article, is a trend that focuses on outdoor hiking, tactical gear, and apparel worn off the mountain. The name stands for ‘Good Ol’ fashioned Raisins and Peanuts’, a name for the snacks Americans taken on hikes. From puffer jackets, fleecy jumpers, comfortable shoes, raincoats to camping chics are part of the trending Gorpcore.

This transformation is also seen at retail, with stores adopting a more immersive atmosphere that tries to inspire consumers’ sense of adventure and enthuse them about putting things through their paces.

As camping and other outdoor activities have grown more inclusive and accessible, new chances for customized gear that is both fashionable and functional are opening up, attracting a new generation of outdoor lovers.

The outdoors is now driving sales across numerous retail sectors, from adventure activities to al fresco dining, with a wide range of firms wanting to invest in this booming area.


A brand new experience

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After a year and a half of physical store closures, mass retailers, luxury fashion houses, and cutting-edge streetwear labels embrace the outdoors. To encourage customers back through their doors, brands and retailers are creating store spaces and activations that celebrate nature and imitate being outside.

Retailers capture customers’ interest with larger-than-life in-store activations that encourage them to participate and push themselves to reach personal goals.

Take an example from what a US retailer Dick’s Sporting Goods has done. They adopted a more experiential model of retail with its new House of Sport site. It is the biggest store the company has ever built. It got an indoor climbing wall, virtual driving range, and outdoor track. You could also find a mini health shop that sells juice from local producers, yoga gear, and other wellness products.

While Decathlon UK opened a virtual reality tennis experience at its London Surrey Quays flagship in June 2021. Consumers will reproduce the sense of playing on a court with the 300sqm activation, which collaborates with Austrian startup VR Motion Learning GmbH & Co KG.

It's all about bringing a new generation of gamers to the game by providing an immersive look into what it's like to participate. The shop is well positioned to convert with excitement after the encounter, with a large choice of merchandise on hand.


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