Rejoin the hustle after the new year’s holiday in these cozy cafés and working spaces.


The new year's holiday is almost over. Some of us are even already back on the grind, be it students or workers. However, due to the recent outbreaks of the new COVID-19 variant, Omicron, some schools and institutions still preferred to do their activities online as a precaution. 

Of course, doing your tasks at home is hassle-free because you don't need to get ready to work with a specific dress code. Though, after spending most of your time at home these past two years, the comfort of your own home may feel too dull or too suffocating. That is the sign that you might need a change of view to do your work. 

Fortunately, Jogja has a plethora of options to accommodate anyone who seeks to work safely and comfortably outside their home. Here are some of them:

Gandhok Coffee

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Gandhok Coffee is located within the vicinity of Yogyakarta's palace. It is a fusion of café and resto that was established by partnerships and teamwork from many culinary groups. Due to its proximity to the palace, traditional Javanese influence is apparent here and there.

Gandhok has three main spaces for the visitors, a spacious indoor room where the baristas take your orders, a front terrace, and a large semi-outdoor space at the backyard garden equipped with a big Joglo roof to protect the visitors from rain or the sunlight. It offers excellent delicacies, including various Nusantara coffee, cake, pastry, and traditional snacks at an inexpensive price. 

The shop also serves western dishes like Zapiekanka bread, mac and cheese, pasta, and many more during lunchtime until the closing time. Last but not least, Gandhok also has its ultimate Javanese signature foods, which are sold only from 5 p.m. every day. It practices a strict health protocol and advises all visitors to stay at the semi-outdoor space to prevent coronavirus spread. 

Cuci Mulut

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Waroeng Cuci Mulut is one of the coziest, most affordable, and most delightful places in town. It is the first branch of Bandung’s Cuci Mulut Café. As the name implies, it offers various desserts and drinks to please your sweet tooth. Its signature menu is Basic-grally, shredded ice topped with a scoop of ice cream, accompanied with various toppings like boba pearls, grass jelly, and pocky sticks.

If you are feeling a little peckish, it also serves excellent local and western-style foods at affordable prices. You can choose to sit outdoors beneath the shades of trees and surrounded by a stone park or indoor in an air-conditioned room. Located close to Universitas Islam Indonesia, you might find many students working on their tasks here. 

Kopi Nuri

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If you are looking for the best place with the most affordable menu, Kopi Nuri is the answer. Kopi Nuri is widely known as a budget café. As a space where students and workers can enjoy decent food and fast Wi-Fi without draining their wallets, it is a daily go-to place for many students in Yogyakarta. 

Kopi Nuri offers beverages, snacks, and fruits from Rp 9,000 – 30,000. It has an indoor and outdoor space as well. Located near a vast rice field, you can kick back with nature while listening to live music after you finish your work. 

Cafe Coklat

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Coklat is a legendary café located near the most prominent university in the province, Universitas Gadjah Mada. The cafe, living up to its name, offers many options of chocolate, including cookies, cakes, drinks, ice cream, churros, and many more. It has non-chocolate options as well. 

It serves variants of all courses, from appetizers to desserts. Its main space is a comfortable air-conditioned indoor space, as well as tables outside near the parking lot for the smoking visitors. Cokelat's menu is affordable for students and workers. However, it has a rather calm vibe about it, so it might not be the best place if you intend to have a lively debate or discussion.

Those are the top 4 spots in Yogyakarta to have a productive remote working outside your home, without having to worry about your safety. Stay happy and healthy!








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