Sidney Prescott is back in Woodsboro to end Ghostface for one last time.


Scream is a postmodern horror film directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett and written by James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick that will be released in January 2022. 

With its first original trilogy portraying Sidney Prescott in the late 1990s, the Scream franchise has reinvented teen horror. With Scream 4, the slasher film series made a return in 2011, bringing the plot into the new millennium with familiar faces and new ones. 

Just when we believed the Ghostface tale was over, a fifth film was announced, sending fans into a frenzy.

The story continues

A mysterious assassin has worn a Ghostface mask and started targeting a group of adolescents to resurrect tales from the city's dark past, twenty-five years after a series of violent murders stunned the calm town of Woodsboro.

There's a lot of conjecture and some resentment about the new title, but the excitement is building once more as Sidney plans to come to Woodsboro again to meet Ghostface's new targets.

In a society where plots are frequently leaked, Scream (2022) has continued to hold its story a secret. We know that Sidney will return to Woodsboro to meet Ghostface for the second time. The message "Welcome Home, Sidney" from Scream's Twitter account in September 2020 confirms this. And we'll be able to figure out a large portion of the rest.

Numerous people will die in this film, but Sidney will be clever, and she will be fighting with the enemy, and some surprising discoveries will reveal a new killer.

On October 12, the trailer that every fan had been anticipating for finally released. Sid returns to town to assist Sam, whose sister Tara has been attacked by Ghostface. The first round of attacks appears to be targeting relatives of the original murderers, Billy and Stu. 

Ghostface is depicted in an even more menacing perspective in the video, his tone harsher and his presence towering in shadows and above victims. This film is going to be a nightmare.

More hints

The official Scream films' Twitter invites fans to join the Woodsboro Horror Film Club. The link takes you to a Facebook fan page where you'll find promises of great things to come. There will be screams that will pierce your ears. For the time being, it's a great place to discuss all things related to Scream.

The more observant fans recognized that the imaginary club's logo conceals a zip code. The zip code 94971 refers to Tomales, California, where Stu Macher lives in real life. As a result, a significant portion of the plot will focus on the residence's shady past.

There's also this captivating poster, which features a terrifying close-up of Ghostface holding his signature knife with the phrase "It's Always Someone You Know." That is, without a doubt, a factual line. We will recognize this person because they appear in the film.

Moreover, with character posters showcasing everyone wearing the Ghostface mask, indicating the film is going into the "everyone's a suspect" idea.

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A behind-the-scenes featurette offers some extra details and interesting facts about the film. The first is the discovery that Sam is hiding a secret from Ghostface. The killer is, of course, using this as blackmail. Sam looks for Dewey, who, based on a new clip of him staring at his beloved badge and gun in a box, seems to have retired from the police department.

Cast commentary by Cox stating that there are several twists in this film that she still can't get over. But it's Sidney Prescott's running sequence that steals the show. When her whole body is visible in this featurette, she is shown pushing a stroller, indicating that Sidney is now a mother. Given that she has a band on her left ring finger, it's not surprising, but she now has a whole new reason to put an end to this horror.

Initially, the film is supposed to be released in 2021, with Paramount Pictures as their distributor. However, the COVID-19 outbreak happened, and they were forced to postpone the film's release date from early 2021 to January 14, 2022.

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