A Tranquil Oasis Amidst Ancient Beauty: Shisui, Nara's Luxury Escape


In a harmonious blend of ancient traditions and modern luxury, The Luxury Collection, a distinguished part of Marriott Bonvoy's esteemed portfolio, proudly introduces Shisui, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Nara. Nestled amidst the enchanting surroundings of Nara, one of Japan's most historic and picturesque leisure destinations, this extraordinary hotel promises to immerse guests in the culture, history, and serene landscapes that define this remarkable city.

"Shisui, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Nara marks our fifth Luxury Collection property in Japan. Each of our hotels encapsulates the essence of local culture, evoking unforgettable moments and offering breathtaking views that create priceless memories for our guests," remarked Philipp Weghmann, Vice President and Global Brand Leader, The Luxury Collection. "Shisui is an exceptional gem intrinsically linked to Nara and its breathtaking natural beauty. Through its impeccable design, unparalleled service, and lavish amenities, the hotel redefines the essence of this destination, ensuring a truly exceptional experience for all who visit."

Located on the western edge of Nara Park, Shisui embraces the splendid fusion of Japanese architecture and the lush greenery of a traditional Japanese temple garden, which is an integral part of the hotel's grounds. The name "Shisui" draws inspiration from Nara's iconic vistas, characterized by the purple trunks and green leaves known as "Shikan Suiyou," cherished since ancient times. This luxurious haven beautifully embodies Nara's rich history, culture, and indigenous traditions, offering global explorers a unique and authentic experience of the city.

Situated within an enchanting classical Japanese garden, Shisui was once part of the grounds of Kofuku-ji temple, a family temple of the Fujiwara clan, which was founded in Nara in 710 AD. The temple stands as one of the "Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara" and serves as a timeless testament to Japanese architecture and culture. As the former imperial capital during the eighth century, Nara boasts an unparalleled collection of UNESCO World Heritage-listed sites, some of which surround the hotel, including the Kasuga Taisha Shrine, Kofukuji Temple, and Todaiji Temple. Beyond the hotel's grounds, Nara Park, pristine forests, valleys, and traditional Japanese villages beckon exploration. The hotel is conveniently located just a 10-minute walk from Kintetsu-Nara train station, offering direct connections to Kyoto and Osaka in 35 and 45 minutes, respectively. Osaka Itami International Airport is approximately 48 kilometers or about a 45-minute drive from the hotel.

Renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma and Associates spearheaded the hotel's design, breathing new life into traditional Japanese architecture and the beauty of the Yoshiki-en temple garden with modern aesthetics. The hotel's reception lobby, restaurant, and lounge are housed in a charming low wooden structure, originally constructed in 1922 as the residence of the Governor of Nara, with its classical Japanese roofed gate preserved as the hotel's main entrance.

Shisui's 43 guest rooms and suites feature floor-to-ceiling windows that bathe the interiors in natural daylight and offer stunning views of the historic gardens and lush greenery. The exceptional interiors showcase Nara's indigenous crafts, paying homage to the region's renowned traditional artisans. Some guest rooms also offer captivating vistas of nearby Mount Wakakusa, while deluxe rooms and suites provide the ultimate in luxury and tranquility with private in-room hot spring or open-air baths.

Dining at Shisui invites guests to savor Nara's rich culinary traditions through two distinctive restaurants and a bar. Restaurant Suiyou, the hotel's all-day dining restaurant, offers a curated menu of local and international dishes in a smart-casual setting. Sushi & Bar Shousou, nestled within the restored storage rooms of the former Governor's residence, delights diners with innovative interpretations of traditional sushi.

For those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation, Shisui offers an exclusive Fitness Center, and the SUI Spa, where guests can indulge in volcanic hot spring treatments in two private rooms. Expert therapists use locally inspired therapeutic spa treatments featuring rare aromatic oils and herbs that once traversed the ancient Silk Road. Guests can also explore Nara's rich traditions and cultural heritage through the hotel's Destination Discovery program, which guides participants in creating hand-made ink stick rubbings on ink stones—a serene and contemplative activity that fosters mindfulness and inner harmony.

Hiroyuki Hatori, General Manager of Shisui, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Nara, remarked, "Nara is one of Japan's most popular travel destinations, and we are proud to reflect and showcase the history, culture, and traditions of this destination for local and international visitors. We look forward to welcoming guests who seek a journey that is both transformative and unforgettable when they come to Nara."

In the embrace of Shisui, guests will discover a tranquil sanctuary where the past seamlessly melds with the present, inviting them to explore the captivating tapestry of Nara's rich traditions and cultural heritage.

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