Matt Reeves' 'The Batman' tells the story of Gotham city's crime fighter Batman. Donning the new mantle is Robert Pattinson, Twilight saga's teenage vampire.


"The Batman" is a movie about, well, Batman, one of the many rosters of DC Comics superheroes. Batman, the cape crusader at night, is the alter-ego of the notorious playboy and billionaire industrialist Bruce Wayne. Or perhaps it is the other way around — it depends on what type of fans you ask.

There are many iterations of the caped crusaders already loved by fans, and many characters other than Bruce Wayne have donned the mantle in the comics, from Bruce Wayne's father, Boo Swain in the parody "The Dark Gnat Returns" and more — you name it — chances are DC Comics already conceived it.

One version that stays close to heart is Bruce Wayne's Batman. There are several live adaptations of the bat-like hero, from the Batman with the infamous nipples from "Batman Forever" (1995), the Byronic Batman from Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight" trilogy, all the way to the recent one portrayed by Ben Affleck set in the DC Extended Universe, first appeared in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" (2016).

Affleck's Batman is tragic in a way and ruthless. He is old, grumpy, and has lost his hope in playing it safe. This version has abandoned Batman's number one rule: no killing.

Fans were disappointed after knowing that Affleck's Batman would not be getting his own standalone movies. Shortly after that, however, they are surprised by the new installment of the caped crusader, "The Batman", directed by Matt Reeves, set to have Robert Pattinson of the Twilight saga starring as the titular character.

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The Batman's cast members and details
Following the announcement of Pattinson's Batman, the trailer revealed last year in DC FanDome has set the internet ablaze. The trailer, covered in red-neon light, teased Pattinson donning the suit. While Batman's butler, Alfred Pennyworth, is portrayed by Andi Serkis.

Other cast members joining Pattinson as fellow Gotham citizens are Catwoman Zoë Kravitz, Colin Farrell as The Penguin, and Paul Dano as The Riddler.

Details provided about the movie so far have confirmed that Dano's character will be the main antagonist. The Riddler has shocked fans of the caped superhero following the character ascending from C-tier villain to someone so dangerous, perhaps even more than any Batman has ever seen before.

Reeves added that "The Batman" will not be an origin story, unlike previous installments. Therefore, fans will not have to worry about seeing Bruce losing his parents again on another big-screen release.

In "The Batman", Reeves has confirmed that he will tap into more of the horror, intense, and perhaps thriller aspects, unlike typical action-packed superhero movies.

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