From doing the effects animation, making comics, and contributing to the soundtrack.


The Marvel project is one of the biggest superhero franchises in the world. They also have various products, like comics, animated series, and movies incorporated as a Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Their mega projects generally involve artists from Hollywood.

But, some Indonesian artists are involved in the Marvel project. Their involvement in the franchise has been various, from doing the effects animation, making comics, and contributing to the soundtrack. In fact, some of them also appear as actors in an MCU film, superb! So these are the Indonesian artists who have been involved in Marvel projects.

Nicole Zefanya (Niki)

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Niki released a song titled "Every Summertime" with a cover symbol of 10 rings like the Ten Rings Organization in the Shang-Chi movie. On her Spotify page, there is also a Marvel 2021 copyright label. This obviously indicates that the song is the soundtrack of the Shang-Chi movie, which will also be released in 2021.

Rich Brian

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Indonesian rapper Rich Brian also filled the soundtrack for Shang-Chi through his song "Lazy Susan" — it also has a picture of 10 rings on the cover. Like Niki's, Rich Brian's song also has a Marvel 2021 copyright label on its song page on Spotify.

Ray Sahetapy

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In 2016, Ray Sahetapy was hired to play as an auctioneer in Captain America: Civil War. Unfortunately, the scene that involved this Indonesian actor was removed when the film was widely released in theaters.

His acting was more prominent than Daniel Bruhl, who played Baron Zemo as the villain. Even so, Ray Sahetapy's scene in Civil War had circulated on several social media.

Arief Muhammad

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Arief "Poconggg" Muhammad was invited by Marvel to become a resident of the planet Sakaar in Thor: Ragnarok (2017). The appearance of the content creator from Indonesia as a citizen of the planet where the Hulk was stranded can also be seen in the promotional video for Thor: Ragnarok entitled Welcome to the Planet Sakaar.

In the video, Arief also appears with his wife, Tiara Pangestika. Not only that, but he also had the opportunity to conduct interviews with the cast and director of the film.

Andre Surya

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The Iron Man flying scene in the first movie is the debut work of Andre Surya, an Indonesian digital artist who was also involved in Iron Man 2 (2010). He has worked at Lucas Film since 2009 and has successfully animated several 3D films, such as Iron Man 1 and Iron Man 2, Star Trek, and Transformers.

When he told his experience while working on the Iron Man movies, Andre revealed that at that time, the superhero in armor was not as famous as it is now.

He also admitted that he did not expect the Iron Man movies would become successful and very famous. He also feels happy to be involved in the film production. 




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