Check out these food recommendations for you who are confused about what to break your fast with during Ramadan.


We will soon enter the holy month of Ramadan. There is a unique tradition where a lot of people selling food on the outskirts of the city during the Ramadan. However, it is very common for some people to feel confused by the variety of available options. Here we have summarized some of the best foods to crave for breaking the fast.

The most popular and safe food to consume when breaking the fast is dates. Dates are very recommended for digestion as this fruit contains many nutrients that can be quickly digested by the body. In addition, the sweetness of this fruit is also suitable to be processed into other snacks, such as pastries, puddings, or just coated it with simple batter and fried right away.

Smoothies are made from fruits, vegetables, or a mixture of both processed in such a way. These ingredients are tossed together to the blender until it turns smooth, which is why it is called smoothies. It can be a good choice to because  it is easily digestible in your body. The reason is that smoothies contain less fiber than if the fruit or vegetable ingredients are served as whole.

Kolak (Compote)
This one food seems to be mandatory, especially if it's Ramadan in Indonesia. Kolak is a dessert based on palm sugar and coconut milk with various fruit filling. Also as a complement, pieces of sweet potato or cassava are combined to add carbs which is important to boost our energy that has been drained all day. Eating a portion of it can be filling enough for iftar.

Green Bean Porridge
For you who loves sweet food, well, this is the answer. This boiled green beans with a mix of coconut and palm sugar are often found on the iftar menu. Sometimes people eat it with white bread too. Green bean porridge is also easy to find everywhere during Ramadan.

Don't just eat sweet things that lack of nutrition, you also need to eat fruits. Well processed fruit that you can easily make, it's definitely a salad. You just combine whatever fruit you like with yogurt or mayonnaise with sprinkles of cheese on top.

So, those were the recommendations of foods that you can add to your wish list for breaking the fast in Ramadan. One thing to remember is that any food you eat should be in moderate amount. Alright, may your Ramadan be a blessing, and don't forget to be healthy always!

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