World debut at Cannes Yachting Festival 2021


OTAM, an Italian manufacturer specialising in producing premium yachts, thanks to customisation according to consumer demand, has launched a new OTAM 70HT. This launch coincides with the 2021 Cannes Yachting Festival, which will occur from 7 to 21 September.

In keeping with the spirit of Italian artisans, this new yacht model was designed by BG design firm, while the hull line was done by Umberto Taglavini Marine design. This makes the shape of the OTAM 70HT iconic so that it is instantly recognisable by fans on all docks in the world.

The BG design firm took ideas from the world of aeronautics and luxury sports cars when working on this ship. The shape is then proportional to the size of the 70 feet class ship.

Strong attention has been paid to details and features such as a low centre of gravity, large air inlets on the basking side of the bow and hardtop. All air intakes enter the spacious engine bay, like other OTAM models. Exhaust vents are cleverly integrated into the glossy black grille on the rear ramparts on either side of the swimming platform and can be accented with LED strip lights.

The OTAM 70HT has an overall length of 22.30 meters, a width of 5.40 meters, and a deadrise of 21 degrees. For your information, Deadrise is a measurement of the degree of angle between two surfaces. A boat's deadrise is the angle between the boat bottom and a horizontal plane on either side of the centre keel. The deadrise angle is the least (meaning flattest) at the transom and gradually increases (more vee) as the bottom goes forward and then increases at a greater rate at the bow.

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For potential customers, OTAM opens the opportunity to order features on board. Customers can choose a cockpit with sofa seating along the port side to accommodate large groups.

Another design feature is the up-and-down electric glass screen that separates the interior and exterior cockpit spaces, specifically requested by the owner. The glass fully retracts between the two C-shaped sofas and, when lowered, opens up the interior and cockpit to provide a single space for owners and guests, to interact both inside and outside.

Matteo Belardinelli, Commercial Director of OTAM said owners can design the layout of the three cabins on the ship. Like other customisations, no Otam yacht is the same as each other. This is the uniqueness of OTAM shipyards, which choose not to limit their customers' choices but allow them to build ideal ships that reflect their personal needs and aesthetic tastes.

The main feature of the interior is the futuristic dashboard, also designed by BG design FIRM. Inspired by the world of aeronautics and automotive, the design resembles a fighter jet console.

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The hull has three cabins, namely a suite for the owner and two for guests. The kitchen is separate, and the cabin crew of two is placed in the bow with individual access for privacy.

The first unit was powered by a 2000-hp MTU twin-engine coupled to an Arneson drive and special OTAM-Rolla propellers. There is also a choice of the most powerful engine with CAT 2400hp, reaching a top speed of 53+ knots combined with a Marine design hull by Scorzoni Tagliavini and Moltedo, a more efficient engine.

For those who want to see OTAM 70HT live, wait for its first debut at the upcoming Cannes Yachting Festival 2021 2021.

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