Golfing Excellence and Culinary Delights Unite in Jakarta's Newest Attraction


The vibrant city of Jakarta is set to welcome a novel dimension in recreation and indulgence for golf aficionados with the grand opening of SIM Simulator Golf Academy. Tucked in the heart of the SCBD area, this pioneering golf simulator facility promises an immersive golfing experience and an exquisite fusion of Indonesian, Western, and international culinary delights, all served with a side of delightful beverages at the Nearest to the Pin Resto and Bar.

This venture marks a significant stride in Jakarta's entertainment landscape, where golf enthusiasts and culinary connoisseurs can unite to revel in an extraordinary blend of sport and gastronomy.

Notable figures from the capital city, including Nia Ramadhani and Anya Geraldine, were in attendance at the grand opening, where they put the SIM Simulator Golf Academy's facilities to the test.

Ridha Roswaty, the Founder and Partner of SIM Simulator Golf Academy and Nearest to the Pin Resto and Bar, conveyed their aspiration: "This is our dream – to offer the people of Jakarta an unparalleled golfing experience, complemented by delectable food and beverages. We believe that this unique blend will prove enticing for golf enthusiasts and epicures alike."

Partner of SIM Simulator Golf Academy and Nearest to the Pin Resto and Bar, Minsub Sim, emphasized the commitment to elevate golfing standards in Jakarta. The facility employs cutting-edge simulation technology and a diverse selection of golf courses to make skill enhancement a fun and effective endeavor for golfers.

Anya Geraldine, a renowned public figure with a penchant for golf, shared her experience, stating that the detailed and effective training at SIM Simulator Golf Academy had remarkably improved her golfing technique. Nia Ramadhani echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing that the way technical aspects were conveyed at the academy made golf practice more accessible for those not well-versed in the sport.

The SIM Simulator Golf Academy stands as a pinnacle of golf simulation technology, delivering an immersive and lifelike golfing experience. It transports users to iconic golf courses, making them feel as though they are physically present on these world-renowned fairways. This development signifies a significant leap in enhancing the quality of golf practice and entertainment options in Jakarta.

With access to a diverse array of top courses from around the globe, players can evaluate their skills in various conditions and course layouts. Meanwhile, at the Nearest to the Pin Resto and Bar, patrons can savor a myriad of delicious dishes such as Kemangi Fish Tacos, Roasted Galbi, Lobster Garlic Chili, and Nasi Rames Sultan. A tantalizing selection of cocktails, beverages, and appealing promotions further enhance the dining experience.

As Jakarta continues to evolve as a vibrant and multifaceted destination, SIM Simulator Golf Academy and Nearest to the Pin Resto and Bar have added a distinctive flavor to the city's leisure scene. By combining the art of golf and culinary craftsmanship, this venture promises an unparalleled and memorable experience for all who visit.

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