Millennials today are a generation who live in the balance of the worldly and otherworldly.


One of the efforts to raise the national economy is by optimizing the young generation's role in the diversity aspect of it. Generally, millennials today are a generation who live in the balance of the worldly and otherworldly.

We call them Gen-Sy (read: Gen-Si), a new generation who is hoping to be able to benchmark energy and indicators to elevate the economy's growth and Sharia finance in Indonesia. Besides, literacy and economic inclusion in the aspect of Sharia finance, specifically in Banking and Non-Bank Financial Institution (IKNB) Sharia, needs to be encouraged deeply by the Gen-Sy, so that they can support this country financially in the future. 


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Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, K.H. Ma’ruf Amin, said the importance of the millennial's role in the development of economics and Sharia finance. In his opinion, to engage this market is needed to adjust with their tastes, one of them by assuring that the economy and Sharia finance in Indonesia provides a service that fits millennials. 


It may become the economy’s future in Indonesia

Gen-Sy exists from the effort of their parents who educate their children to face the future world. As Arief Rosyid Hasan, independent commissioner of BSI revealed that the economy and Sharia finance system comes as an alternative for Indonesia's economy in the future, and it has the potential to be developed, mainly in the youth generation.


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However, government and financial institutions need to work harder to raise the literacy of economic inclusion and Sharia finance in the youth generations. Moreover, it has been proven that Sharia finance is able to survive in the middle of the crisis that we are facing now. 


Variety of investments for Gen-Sy

For Gen-Sy who want to spend their money for investment, MUI has been released a type of investment tool that can be a choice for Muslim investors. There are Sharia mutual fund investment, Sharia property, State Sharia Bond (SBSN), and fine gold. 


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Fine gold is the favorite instrument due to its price stability. Useful tips for you, if you want to invest the fine gold, just buy it directly. You may find different prices between different stores. Actually, it's just a common mechanism market. Basically, the price of Sharia gold and the general one is the same. 

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