Showcasing Culinary Expertise and Celebrating Diversity: The National Butchery and Cooking Competition's Second Edition


After a successful debut in 2022, the Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) once again captivates culinary professionals and consumers with the highly anticipated second edition of the National Butchery and Cooking Competition. This year's edition, in collaboration with Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ), showcases the diverse talents of Indonesian chefs and their mastery of Australian beef.

The collaboration with Trade and Investment Queensland introduces high-quality beef from Queensland, the largest cattle-producing state in Australia. The event aims not only to provide a platform for showcasing Indonesian chefs' talents but also to deepen their knowledge of the world of Australian beef.

In a thrilling culmination this afternoon, the winners of the competition were announced, adding an extra layer of excitement to the National Butchery and Cooking Competition's grand finale. These outstanding chefs, both young and professional, demonstrated exceptional culinary prowess and creativity throughout the competition.

The competition featured chefs divided into two categories: young chefs from culinary/tourism schools and professional chefs. Participants hailed from four major Indonesian cities: Jakarta, Bali & East Indonesia, Central Java, and West Java. Representatives from both young and professional chef categories from each city gathered for the grand final competition held at the Raffles Hotel Jakarta, following their victories in the previous semifinal rounds held in their respective cities.

The annual competition provides an opportunity for young and professional chefs to enhance their skills and knowledge of the quality and diversity of Australian beef cuts that meet Halal standards, ensuring not only safety but also nutritional excellence. The competition aligns with the broader mission of Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) and its global initiatives to educate trade organizations, inspire chefs, and build the Australian beef community in the region.

Valeska, MLA Regional Manager South-East Asia, expressed, "The enthusiasm and excitement from last year's competition inspired us to bring back the National Butchery and Cooking Competition to Indonesia this year. We want to offer this opportunity to young and professional chefs in Indonesia to deepen their knowledge of various cuts of Australian beef that can be prepared through various cooking methods, recognizing Indonesia's potential in both talent and industry. This can be beneficial for both talent and the industry as a platform to deliver quality products to consumers while learning about the best Australian beef."

Ben Giles, Trade and Investment Queensland Director, highlighted, "With the strong recovery of the hospitality and tourism sectors post-COVID, the culinary industry has experienced rapid demand growth. Considering Queensland is the largest cattle-producing state, we aim to position Queensland beef as the top choice in consumers' minds. Through this event, we strive to provide information about the variety and quality of diverse beef cuts among talented chefs. The exchange of gastronomic expertise during this event not only supports skill development but also builds lasting relationships in the continually evolving culinary landscape in Indonesia."

The competition took place through a series of programs in October and November in each city. In addition to the competition, the program included meat-cutting training to equip participants with knowledge about Australian beef cuts and cutting techniques before the cooking competition took place. After the training, winners of the semifinal rounds advanced to the Grand Final in Jakarta, where participants created menus using beef cuts from top sirloin, primal loin, or sub-primal sirloin - large muscles in the hindquarters known for their rich flavor.

Chefs from Akpar NHI Bandung
The winner dish made by Akpar NHI Bandung


In the Grand Final, the Young Chef category (from culinary schools) included teams from Universitas Podomoro (Jakarta), Politeknik Pariwisata Makassar (Bali & East Indonesia), Sekolah Budi Mulia (Central Java), and Akademi Pariwisata NHI Bandung (West Java). The four teams in the Professional Chef category consisted of Raffles Hotel (Jakarta), Holiday Inn (Bali & East Indonesia), Chandari Heaven (Central Java), and Meatshop & Gourmet Indoguna (West Java).

Chefs from Holiday Inn
The winner dish from Holiday Inn


The total prize pool for the winners amounted to Rp 15 million, with each category's Champion 1 receiving Rp 7,500,000, Champion 2 receiving Rp 5,000,000, and Champion 3 receiving Rp 2,500,000.

The judging criteria for the grand final included taste, accounting for 50% of the scoring, followed by presentation, professional preparation, cleanliness and food residue, mise-en-place and work methods, and service. Similar to last year, renowned chefs served as judges, including Chet Vindex Tengker, Chef Gilles Marx, and Chef Stefu Santoso.


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