Saying goodbye to all the noises out there.


Have you ever made a call using a headset and the person you have called was annoyed by the noise around you? Well, maybe it is because the headset you've been using doesn't have a noise-canceling microphone feature in it.

To answer your needs, ASUS announced its AI noise-canceling microphone with Mic Adapter ASUS AI Noise-Canceling, headset ROG Strix Go, and ROG Theta 7.1. 

The new microphone could cancel all the background noise. It would be a perfect companion for those who are playing games or having business meetings or online school. 

So are you guys excited to see the noise-canceling microphone? 

Firstly, ASUS has an AI Noise Canceling Mic Adapter. It is the first adapter USB-C with the size of 3.5 mm in the world with an integrated AI Mic. This adapter has ASUS Hyper Grounding that could interfere with any electromagnetic field that canceled all noise. You can find this adapter in USB Type-C-to-Type‑A.

And now let's move on to the choices of the microphone that you could get. 

ROG Strix Go: It is the newest gaming headset with USB-C. This headset is very practical due to its weight, and you could fold it. It's perfect for PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, and Sony Playstation 4. 

ROG Strix Go 2.4: This is another headset from ASUS with 2.4GHz low-latency wireless via a USB-C dongle. It has a fast-charging feature providing up to three hours of use for a charging time of just 15 minutes. And with its noise-canceling, its users could enjoy their game without the noise distraction. 

And last but not least, they also have the ROG Theta 7.1. ROG Theta 7.1 is a premium gaming headset with a 7.1‑channel surround sound that has eight separate drivers. And additionally with its technology, Home theater ROG 7.1 class and four driver headphone ESS SABRE® 9601,   its users could enjoy the audio inside a theatre. This helps the games come alive. It has a USB-C dongle, and surely you won’t be distracted by the noise surrounding it. In addition, you could adjust its RGB lighting.

So gamers, have you looked up at this AI Noise Canceling Headphone? Well, you might want it for your online class or your working from the home condition. 

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