Kim Kardashian's brand will also provide undergarments and pajamas too for the U.S. Olympic Team.


A reality show superstar, Kim Kardashian, would be collaborating with Nike to design Team USA undergarments; pajamas, and loungewear. This design is for the Tokyo Olympic 2020. 

“Ever since I was 10 years old, I’ve heard every single detail about the Olympics from my stepdad. As I would watch the athletes compete, I would grow to understand the dedication and honor being a part of the Olympics embodied. I traveled with my stepdad and family to all different cities for the Olympic trials, the Olympics, and track meet of @caitlynjenner’s, and at every stop, I would buy an Olympic t-shirt as a souvenir.

When I received the call inviting Skims to be a part of @TeamUSA 🇺🇸, every moment I spent admiring the strength and energy of the Olympians from the sidelines came full circle.

I am honored to announce that @skims is designing the official team USA undergarments, pajamas, and loungewear for the athletes this year in Tokyo, and the same pieces will be available in a capsule collection at SKIMS.COM 🇺🇸,” Kim shared on her Instagram. 

Some people are excited to wait for the collaboration. And some of Kim’s friends and family have been supportive of her collaboration.

Khloekardashian: Kimberly, this is so monumental! I’m so proud of you! There is nothing you can’t do!!!

L.ucysantos: Wait, this is so cool.

Photo Courtesy of SKIMS 

This is not the first time a celebrity or designer is collaborating with Nike to design a sports attire. Last 2017, Riccardo Tisci designed a tennis dress for Maria Sharapova. Virgil Abloh also designed Serena Williams’ tennis dress for the US Open 2018. Not only that, Virgil Abloh also incorporated some sport in his design. Rumour has it that he would love to collaborate with Liverpool.

Anyways, Kim’s design with Nike will also be available on Skims’s website in a capsule collection beginning July 12. So be sure to save up some money to get her latest collection.  Just a reminder, at the Tokyo Olympic 2020, the organizer finally allowed 10,000 local fans to come to each venue. However, cheering has been banned. Aside from cheering, fans must wear their masks at all times and be told to go home once the game is finished. 

The Tokyo Olympic Organisers set a limit of 50% capacity, but the officials said if coronavirus cases rise again, the rules could be changed. However, fans from abroad were already banned a few months ago #THE S MEDIA #Media Milenial